The Amazing Magic-Selfie-Mirror brings a fun, elegant and powerful photo activation to any event.  Great for personal or corporate events.  Can be customized to the theme of the event.   

If desired we can create custom animations such as the start screen, countdown, pre-photo animation, post photo animation.  These can include your branding, tag-line, 

colors. etc..  

We can even wrap the mirror with brand elements to tie it into any event decor.

Powerful Features

  • Unlimited photos

  • Unlimited Prints

  • Selection of Single Photo, Triple Photo and/or Animated GIF's 

  • Custom Photo Overlay included

  • Text digital image from the Mirror 

  • Draw on final photo before printing

  • Add digital props


  • Custom Animations

  • Custom Backdrops 

  • Full Mirror Wrap 

  • Green Screen with digital backgrounds 






Amazing New Features!

Interactive Magic-SelfieMirror

Interactive Photo Activations


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Lets the pros bring this exciting new photo activation to your event.


The Magic-Selfie-Mirror fits into to any decor, takes very little space and adds just the right element of photo magic. Perfect for Weddings, Corporate events, Trade Shows and much more...


The magic mirror stands out at your event and invites your guests to engage. The attendant will assist your guests in getting the most out of the activation

Tell us the details about your event so we can create custom elements for your event.


Every event we do is different and unique. Allow us to customize the selfie-mirror to meet your needs. Customizable elements include:

Custom Animations that play before and after each photo. Great for branding, themes, messaging, or just plain fun!

Custom Photo Layouts allow you to decide how many photos are taken and how they will be printed. Add a logo, custom background, text and date.

Social Media kiosk allows guests to share their photos via email, text and social media along with your custom message.

Magic-Beauty -Mirror 

The Magic Beauty Mirror has all the power and benefits of our Selfie-Mirror in a Large Round Format with LED light ring around it.    

It also shoot photos in a landscape format that allows for more people in large group shots.   

Combine with the Magic Selfie Mirror or use it stand alone!  

Pricing is the same for both the Magic-Selfie Mirror and the Beauty Mirror.  

Holiday Animations Demo

Amazing Animation Choices

Custom Photo Layouts



Dallas, TX, USA


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Dallas, TX, USA